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Austerity & Invention cover image
Illustration Between the Wars

The legacy of Aubrey Beardsley and the work of Edmund Dulac, Heath Robinson, Arthur Ransom, McKnight Kauffer and others

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Fancy & Imagination cover image
Beardsley and the Book Illustrators

A 36pp well-illustrated profile of Aubrey Beardsley and an overview of the 'Golden Age' of book illustration

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Nostalgia & Progress cover image
Illustration After the Second World War

Well-illustrated review of the work of Edward Bawden, Edward Ardizzone, Ronald Searle, Charles Keeping and many contemporary artists

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British Book Illustrators cover image
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A survey of book illustration in three parts: Fancy & Imagination; Austerity & Invention; Nostalgia & Progress.

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Creativity Never Rests cover image
The Ronnie Duncan Collection

An overview of the contemporary art collection of Ronnie Duncan, for the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

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Crucible 40 cover image

A celebration of the first 40 years of the pioneering Crucible theatre in Sheffield from 1971 to 2011. 164pp, 150 illustrations

For the Love of Art cover image
Stanley & Audrey Burton

A celebration of Stanley and Audrey Burton and their dedication to the arts. Memorial catalogue featuring the artworks donated by the couple to the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

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Patrick Heron on Art and Education cover image

A collection of modern artist Patrick Heron's astute writings on art and art education, published as a special edition illustrated with gouaches by the artist

The Healing Power of Creativity cover image
Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall, Artist/Photographer, explores his own creativity and the effect it's had on his life. A selection of Anthony's work over some fifty years is illuminated by personal reflections on art and life. Buy online with PayPal or email am.abstraction@yahoo.co.uk

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