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art:notes+works cover image
Ernest Edmonds

A fully illustrated book covering award-winning digital and systems artist Ernest Edmonds’ career, from 1960 until 2022. As well as reproductions of artworks, the book includes facsimiles of working notes. Limited introductory offer of signed and numbered copies £55.00.

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The Healing Power of Creativity cover image
Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall, Artist/Photographer, explores his own creativity and the effect it's had on his life. A selection of Anthony's work over some fifty years is illuminated by personal reflections on art and life.

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Nostalgia & Progress cover image
Illustration After the Second World War

Well-illustrated review of the work of Edward Bawden, Edward Ardizzone, Ronald Searle, Charles Keeping and many contemporary artists

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Austerity & Invention cover image
Illustration Between the Wars

The legacy of Aubrey Beardsley and the work of Edmund Dulac, Heath Robinson, Arthur Ransom, McKnight Kauffer and others

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Crucible 40 cover image

A celebration of the first 40 years of the pioneering Crucible theatre in Sheffield from 1971 to 2011. 164pp, 150 illustrations

For the Love of Art cover image
Stanley & Audrey Burton

A celebration of Stanley and Audrey Burton and their dedication to the arts. Memorial catalogue featuring the artworks donated by the couple to the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

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Creativity Never Rests cover image
The Ronnie Duncan Collection

An overview of the contemporary art collection of Ronnie Duncan, for the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

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Fancy & Imagination cover image
Beardsley and the Book Illustrators

A 36pp well-illustrated profile of Aubrey Beardsley and an overview of the 'Golden Age' of book illustration

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Patrick Heron on Art and Education cover image

A collection of modern artist Patrick Heron's astute writings on art and art education, published as a special edition illustrated with gouaches by the artist