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Boco Digital calendar iPad app
New York Reflections
iPad calendar app
A new app for iPad, with stunning fine art photography of New York City and a 2-year calendar
Version 1.1
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Enjoy fine art photographs of New York, as you use your new calendar app. Our unique two-year calendar for the iPad covers a 24-month period and is ready for you to use whatever the date.

Boco Digicals help you manage your busy diary, keeping track of business meetings, appointments and personal engagements.

New York Reflections 2011/12 is the work of a creative Englishman in New York, the ideal iPad calendar for lovers of the world's most vibrant city. It features the contemporary architectural photography of Anthony Marshall. Anthony's fine art photography offers you a photo book that looks superb every time you use your diary.

Designed specifically for the iPad, New York Reflections is one of the best apps available from Boco online (www.boco.org.uk).

Calendar features include:

  • 24-month calendar, updatable annually
  • 12 beautiful images, a new iPad photo each month
  • Calendar automatically opens on today's date
  • Highlight at-a-glance 'red letter' appointment days
  • Schedule meetings and personal engagements
  • Make diary notes on a daily basis
  • Tick off completed tasks and appointments
  • Block out those all-important holiday bookings
  • Select the language of your choice - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss-German, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian
  • Calendar comes with built-in public holidays - no need to download from the internet
  • Includes public holidays for UK, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Norway

New York Reflections calendar app
New York Reflections calendar app screenshot
iPad Settings screenshot

Setting the country on the calendar

1. Go into Settings on your iPad.

2. Select the calendar, under the Apps section.

3. Select Holidays.

4. Select the country you want the iPad to display holidays of.

5. Exit Settings and re-launch the calendar. The months and days should now be in the language of the selected country and public holidays will be displayed on the correct days.

Concept, design, and development by Boco Publishing Ltd. Includes MGSplitViewController code by Matt Legend Gemmell.